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AP to design Eco-Resort in the Phillippines


The London office of Maltese architectural design firm Architecture Project (AP) has been commissioned to prepare a masterplan and design by the Primer Group of Companies for an eco-resort in the mountain province of Sagada, central Luzon, one of the main islands of the Philippines Archipelago. The eco resort will be located at the top of a mountain range and will dominate the surrounding valleys which house small villages within a spectacular landscape of primary rainforest, rice terraces, cliffs, caves and waterfalls, providing ample opportunity for eco-adventures.

The project will entail the design of an eco-resort typology underpinning the brand of the Primer Group of Companies, a consortium mainly engaged in the retail and distribution of some of the world’s top consumer brands and products throughout the Asian market. Primer Group’s interest is to build a close relationship between the local population and the eco resort to ensure social and environmental sustainability for the region. In doing so, they will provide the local villages with an improved infrastructure, uninterrupted power and water supply and employment. As the local culture and environment are what attracts tourists to the area, it is in the group’s interest to sustain and improve the current environmental and social conditions. The aim is to combine high end eco-resort standards, to provide for an international clientèle, utilising indigenous architectural principles, materials and construction methodologies.

This is the first phase of a larger project which will consist of a string of eco-resorts, natural adventure parks and eco-lodges.


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