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Konrad Buhagiar for Oħlom Oħloq - Arts Council Malta

Konrad Buhagiar participates in the series of clips by Arts Council Malta Oħlom Oħloq Create2020 campaign, featuring key people whose…

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AP at 15th Biennale di Architettura di Venezia

Biennale Collateral Event: TIME SPACE EXISTENCE Venue: Palazzo Mora, Venice Date: 26.05.16 – 27.11.16 Architecture Project (AP) has been invited…

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Teatru Manoel_Book cover

PERSPECTIVE, PROPORTIONS AND TRANSFORMATION by E. Cuschieri and G. Dreyfuss From an architectural point of view, Manoel Theatre represents a…

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Tomoko Goto Photography at AP_Architecture Project

When early humans began to move through their environment in a more controlled fashion they established paths which later turned…

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Lija Traffic Management and Urban Design Strategy

AP is taking part in the preliminary study on mobility and urban space in the village of Lija. The research…

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michael block with aaron bezzina_invitation

  This exhibition tries to deal with the impossible in a most modest way. It reflects some sort of grappling…

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