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Instant Domestic Enclosure

IDE is the design of portable house combining sustainable concepts with high standards of domestic design to provide for a camp experience surpassing the idea of provisional housing.

Defining a camp experience has become a central problem in our contemporary world. Camps are often the result of exceptional circumstances; from conflict, natural disaster, exploration or tourism with increasing frequency and ever greater facility. The constructions of camps reveal problems and possibilities associated with our built environment as it is radically transformed by globalization, mobility and political flux. Our objective is to design a semi permanent camp module able to accommodate high standards of living; the first place for implementation in the Philippines.

In collaboration with Yeang Creative, our design draws ideas from traditional principles in domestic design. The module integrates 3 indigenous characteristics as found in traditional Philippine architecture, such as being elevated from the ground and thus creating a raised entrance, having a large pitched roof structure with a central opening for ventilation and a central heart defining the innermost space around which different ‘rooms’ are organized referencing a core concept found in traditional indigenous dwellings around the world.

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