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Talking About Business – An Interview with David Felice, Partner AP

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What does it mean to be an architect in Malta today? Recently interviewed on Business Chat, for David Felice this is first of all a question of one’s adaptability in facing new and different challenges, on a  daily basis, with a special focus on client’s needs, often placed within a rich and sensitive context and a developing regulatory framework. Beginning from the origins of Architecture Project (AP) and what motivated him and his partners to set up the practice almost 25 years ago, David discusses our working methods, risks and responsibilities, both from a professional and an architectural point of view.

For instance, the design process that led AP to successful projects like the Barrakka Lift in Valletta, requires the contribution of a wide range of skills, often overlooked by those external to such projects. Historical research and social investigation are just two initial steps in a much longer path, during which business, passion and creativity are brought together. According to David, for creative businesses to continue to flourish in Malta, more than in other countries, one has to break the divide between the more rational components of good business practice and the often  more intangible aspects of  creativity.


Watch the full Business Chat interview with David Felice here


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